Windows: When to Replace Them

The most obvious sign that it’s time to replace your windows is that they’re visibly damaged. Over time, windows can warp, crack, and lose their ability to provide the insulation you need. Weatherstripping can break down, wood can rot, and frames can lose their shape. If you’ve already noticed the signs, your home may not be adequately protected from the weather.

You might have noticed that your heating or cooling bills have increased. Old windows may allow air from outside to seep in, impacting your indoor air temperature and causing your heater or air conditioner to work overtime. The efficiency of new double- or triple-paned glass and insulated frames can help to lower your climate control costs; the money you save may allow the windows to pay for themselves within 10 years.

Finally, you may just be ready for a change. Windows serve as a visual focal point for people admiring your home, and it might just be time to treat yourself to some new, attractive energy-efficient windows. A wide variety of styles are available, and window installers in your area can help you explore your options and figure out what will best improve the look of your façade.

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