Common Mistakes When Applying for a VA Loan

VA loans are intended to make the home buying process easier for veterans. Unfortunately, the application process can sometimes be the source of one headache after another. To help the process run smoothly, it’s important to avoid the following pitfalls:

Omitting Important Information

When applying for VA loans, there are a lot of questions that you’ll have to answer. Don’t skip any of them or leave out important details in your responses. If your application is missing pertinent information, the lender will have to request clarification from you before proceeding.

Not Asking Questions

Although purchasing a home might feel intimidating, it is your loan officer’s job to help with the application process. If the lender makes requests that you don’t fully understand, do not hesitate to ask your loan officer or other representatives for clarification. Once you have received clear answers, you’ll be prepared to follow through by providing the exact information that is needed.

Starting a New Job

It’s priceless to have a job that you love, but if an appealing job offer comes along in the middle of the homebuying process, think twice before taking it. Switching employers after submitting your loan application could add some unpleasant twists to the approval process. Of course, there may be a job offer that you just can’t pass up. In that case, ask your loan officer how you should handle the change in employment.

Going Overboard With Spending

While you may have big dreams of furnishing your new home, you shouldn’t go charging a new living room set to your credit card just yet. Making big purchases could affect your credit score, which could, in turn, negatively affect your application for veteran home financing. As tempting as it may be to buy new things, you should hold off on spending, and not open any new credit cards either.

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