What is The Minimum Credit Score for a Mortgage?


Your credit score is an important determinant of whether you will be able to obtain any type of credit. In order for you to meet the qualification requirements, your credit score must fall within a certain range.

Depending on the mortgage loan type you want, the minimum credit score varies. Generally, mortgage loans that are backed by the government tend to have lower minimum credit score requirements, I.E. compared to mortgages obtained through traditional lenders such as commercial banks, building societies and credit unions.

Credit Score Requirements for FHA Mortgages

FHA (Federal Housing Administration) mortgage loans are backed by the US government and the qualification requirements are less stringent than traditional mortgages. In general, a borrower with a credit score of 500 can qualify for an FHA mortgage loan.

However, the down payment required may be as much as 10%. Also, interest rates charged on FHA mortgages are usually higher than other mortgage rates, since the risk is higher.

Although minimum credit score requirements vary from lender to lender, the average minimum credit score required by traditional lenders is about 620. The higher your credit score, the better mortgage terms you will be offered. This includes better rates of interest and lower down payment requirements.

So, if you want the best mortgage terms, you must aim to improve your credit score to 700 or more. Simply put, it takes time to improve your credit score. Therefore, it’s best to start taking steps to improve your credit several months or even years before applying for a mortgage loan.

In short, all your efforts will be worth it as you will receive better mortgage terms if you aim for more than the minimum credit score requirements.

We look forward to seeing your score increase with these tips!

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  1. I’m interested to reduce my mortgage payment. I’m a veteran, disable and a senior citizen. But, will the VA help me or is this just another false hope !!!!

    • Sir you need to contact a loan agency that deal with VA loans. Sometimes you can get a lower payment, no taxes and no PIP.

  2. I’ve been paying 985 rent for 3 years and can continue to pay it, on the fixed part of my income. I’d like to buy this home, or another one, but my score is around 540. I would certainly need help with down payment.

  3. A lot of credit repair now can be be done by the consumer themselves. Credit scores increase and decrease monthly depending on the consumers spending and payment habits. It is important to keep up with your credit reports and look for incorrect items and outdated items. Sometimes score could be a about a 450-495 but after a quick review of a credit file errors or outdated information can sometimes be removed that day or within a month that could boost that score up to 500 or more.

  4. I seem to be stuck in the middle here. I purchaced a home in October of 2016, hired Lexington Law to help improve my credit score and it is working fine. However….., I have a manufactured/mobile home with additions attached to it, so when I apply for a loan the lender says we cant help you due to Manufactured/mobile home. They refer me to there sister company who handles these kind of loans….. However I get from them, we cant help you because you have additions. In the meantime my credit score is getting lower and lower. Im on social security and all I want to do is repairs and remodels. What do I do? Who on gods green earth do I turn to for this loan?

  5. I’m paying 1900 for rent in a 3bd/2ba apartment. I would rather spend that money on a mortgage, but my credits are in the 580-590 around there. How can I get help on raising my credit score and be able to purchase a home.

  6. looking for a morage lan my credit score right now is 600 had a fha loan I recently sold a property I was behind on a couple payments they said I needed to wait 4 more months, this was after I was pre approved any help is appreciated

  7. the First step in improving your score is to get a print out of your credit history. Removing collections (if you have them will help) writing letters to remove hard inquiries (hard pulls) is definetly a plus. Pay all credit cards on time and keep the balance low.

  8. My credit score is bad and I never have any late payment to anybody all my life I don’t know why my credit score is bad how I can fix my credit score

  9. I own two houses and I couldn’t get $1 loan why I paid the houses in full and still I cannot use the houses to get any loan to buy another house why

  10. Thank you for getting back in touch with me. My score right now is 576. I need 4 points and have just not got a secure credit card. The home im in is a health and fire hazard

  11. If the Student Credit Union Connect would combine the loans into 1 rather than 6 and Fedloan into 1 rather than 3, my score would be higher. BUT that’s too much like the right thing to do because they would loose all that interest . Never mind the destruction of my life which they care less about since I’m treated as a nonhuman.


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